What is the actual timeline of the Idaho murder?

(NewsNation) — NewsNation correspondent Brian Entin answers more viewer questions surrounding the Idaho college murders.

Q: Will police find their best leads in forensic trace evidence from defensive contact made by the victims?

That’s definitely a possibility, but it’s something they’re testing behind the scenes right now. The most we know are some details that came from the coroner a couple of weeks ago, when she said that some of the victims did have defensive wounds on them.

Q: What is the actual timeline for Ethan Chapin and Xana Kernodle?

There’s a gap in the timeline regarding where Ethan and Xana were the night before they were murdered. We do know that they were at a fraternity party about a five minute walk away from the house.

We know that they were spotted at that party the night before the murders, but we don’t know if they stayed the night there.

On Dec. 30, police said they arrested 28-year-old Bryan C. Kohberger in Pennsylvania connection with the Idaho students’ deaths.

Q: Does the Sigma Chi house have cameras to see who’s coming and going?

It’s unclear if there are cameras at the fraternity house. This is a small town. Not a lot of places have security cameras.

Q: Do any of the trees look like they’re climbable? Is it possible that someone could climb into one of the upstairs windows?

It’s possible. What’s interesting is there is a balcony on the back of the house. If you add a little ladder, it might have been possible to get up on that balcony. It’s possible the slider was unlocked up on that balcony. That’s a way the killer could have gotten inside.

There has also been speculation that the killer was an “incel,” an involuntarily celibate male who felt rejected. Forensic psychologist Dr. Scott Musgrove says there needs to be more evidence to make that claim. However, he says the female victims meet a “visual presentation of what angers many incels.”


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