Carville: Democrats’ midterm message ‘looks constipated’


(NewsNation) — With the midterms approaching, American political consultant James Carville says Democrats’ message “looks constipated.”

The author and Democratic strategist says if his party wants to hold onto congressional control, it needs to make its messaging clear.

“From where I sit, the message looks constipated to me,” Carville said. “Back in April of 2021, I wrote a piece in the Wall Street Journal to say that the Democrats needed to get ahead of the crime issue and start taking ownership of it. Of course, they said well, we can’t do that.”

Carville said Democrats should also acknowledge inflation and make an effective argument when it comes to the economy.

“How can (Democrats) be to blame for something that’s going on all over the world? Inflation in the United States is not any worse than it is anywhere else,” he said while speaking with NewsNation’s Chris Cuomo.

So, what can be done to strengthen a political image? Carville said in the case of the Democrats, it’s to let people know they have a specific plan.

“First of all, you tell people we actually have a plan to give you tools to deal with this,” he said. “They (Republicans) want to make it worse. It’s bad enough, and they want to make it worse for you. … You acknowledge that inflation is there, and you say we’re trying to give you tools to deal with it. That’s it. I think that’s the most effective argument that you have.”

In an exclusive interview with NewsNation, President Joe Biden said Thursday there’s nothing bad about the latest report on the U.S. economy.

“What’s happening is there’s real movement. We’re in a better position than any major country in the world. Our economy’s growing, and it’s still in a place where it’s leveling out in rational means,” Biden said.

His remarks came as Thursday’s estimates from the Commerce Department show the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) grew in the third quarter after shrinking during the first half of the year. According to the report, the U.S. economy grew at a 2.6 percent annual rate from July through September.

Still, inflation is near a 40-year high, with steady prices increasing and placing mounting pressure on people across the country.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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