Dr. Mark Hyman: Reprogram your genes to reverse aging

(NewsNation) — Dr. Mark Hyman is 63 years old but claims to have a “biological age” of only 43, and he’s sharing his tips on how people can stay young as they grow older.

Hyman says we can all reprogram our genes and reverse aging and explains how to do it in his new book “Young Forever,” which was released Tuesday and is already No. 1 on Amazon.

“You can reprogram your biology to a younger you if you understand what to do,” Hyman said Tuesday on “CUOMO.”

Hyman identified routines as a major key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

“It’s like any habit — once you’re used to it, it’s easy,” he said. “You don’t think about brushing your teeth every day, you just do it.”

Watch a portion of his interview about longevity in the video above.


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