Murdaugh trial: Alleged motive ‘laughable,’ legal analyst says


(NewsNation) — The murder trial of Alex Murdaugh is underway, and prosecutors are alleging the once-prominent South Carolina attorney killed his wife and son to deflect from the imminent revelation of financial crimes.

Criminal defense attorney Mark Geragos calls that motive offered by the state “laughable,” while criminal defense attorney Sara Azari says it “sucks.”

Both legal analysts, along with forensic scientist Larry Kobilinsky, joined NewsNation’s “CUOMO” on Monday to discuss the case.

“They’ve concocted motives that I would guarantee you that if somebody did a focus group on … people (would) say it’s ridiculous,” Geragos said. “It just makes absolutely no sense.”

Aside from the murder charges, Murdaugh is also facing nearly 100 other charges in separate cases that allege he embezzled millions from his clients while working at his law firm.

Another point of contention is the case is expected to be a key piece of forensic evidence: a blood-stained shirt worn by Murdaugh the night of the killings. Prosecutors allege the blood is back spatter from a gunshot, while the defense says it transferred to the shirt when Murdaugh discovered his wife and son dead.

The defense is seeking to prohibit the blood evidence from being admitted during the trial, arguing the T-shirt was “destroyed” when it was examined by forensic scientists.

You can watch a portion of the interview with Geragos, Azari and Kobilinsky above.

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