Singer Jewel using VR to provide mental health support

(NewsNation) — Four-time Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Jewel has sold more than 30 million albums worldwide, but despite that successful music career, she endured years of personal struggle, extreme anxiety and mental health issues.

Now, Jewel is helping others as the co-founder of Innerworld, a virtual reality community that gives safe, peer-to-peer mental health support. Users create an avatar and interact with other people, building communities and getting personalized help.

Amid a shortage of therapists, Jewel said Friday on “CUOMO” that her goal has been to help fix what she calls a “broken system” that has failed patients.

“I’ve been working for a very long time (on), ‘How do we find tools that work with or without therapy?’ because not everybody has access,” Jewel said. Innerworld “allows people to get access to these gold standard tools without having one-on-one therapy.”

You can watch her interview in the video player above.


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