Teens in Ukraine train for frontline warfare

(NewsNation) — Among the soldiers fighting in Ukraine are teenagers who have decided to put away their dreams and defend their country.

NewsNation host Chris Cuomo spoke to two teens training and preparing to go to battle.

“I didn’t choose the aggression against anybody else, so that’s not a problem for me,” a teenager said on “CUOMO” when asked about the act of killing. “If we wouldn’t defend our country, nobody else would.”

Another teenager told Cuomo that her future is Ukraine.

Cuomo asked the teens how they feel about other countries supporting Ukraine but not actually fighting alongside them, to which the teen boy said, “They don’t have to. They have their own families, and their own place to live. Our country is our home, and we’re going to defend it.”

As the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion approaches, Cuomo traveled from Kyiv to eastern Ukraine as the country prepares for a potential offensive that could determine the outcome of the conflict.


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