Cyber expert offers tips on monitoring children online


(Salvador Rivera/Border Report)

CHICAGO (NewsNation) —  The Sacramento Valley High-tech Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force reported that the number of tips they have received has doubled, from 3,000 in 2020 to 6,000 in 2021.

According to law enforcement, these types of cases have increased dramatically over the past two years as lockdowns, restrictions and virtual learning during the pandemic rose, causing a drastic increase in how much time kids spend online, giving predators easier access in the process. 

“During those times, there was a lot of opportunity for people like this and I think that is why the numbers over the past few years are staggering,” said Sacramento Undersheriff Barnes, who spoke with NewsNation’s “Rush Hour” on Thursday.

“Young people will be lured into a location, they will be lured into performing acts, a video will be produced, then it will be (distributed) amongst the population of people that watches those videos,” Davis continued.

Officials say they receive tips daily and are working to crack down on these criminals but add that parents can also help. 

Donna Rice Hughes of “Enough Is Enough” — an organization focused on protecting kids online — gave some advice to NewsNation’s “Rush Hour” on Thursday. 

Hughes suggested “putting these software tools in place and having the kids know what they’re doing and having ongoing conversations with them in a way that feels like you’re not spying but that you care,” Hughes said. 

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