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Illinois hospital links closing to ransomware attack

  • St. Margaret’s Health is the first hospital to close due to a cyberattack
  • SMP Health Chair: “It has become impossible to sustain our ministry”
  • Residents will have to travel about 30 minutes for health care services

SPRING VALLEY, Ill. (NewsNation) — An Illinois hospital will close its doors due this week in part due to a cyberattack, which analysts said makes it the first hospital to publicly link criminal hackers to its closure.

St. Margaret’s Health in Spring Valley will close Friday. The hospital fell victim to a cyberattack in 2021, the hospital was unable to submit claims to insurers, Medicare or Medicaid for months, which led to a financial spiral. 

Sister Suzanne Stahl, who is the chair of the hospital’s parent organization SMP Health, said the cyber attack, coupled with being a rural hospital with staffing shortages was too much for it to overcome. 

“Rural hospitals have been struggling throughout the nation and many have already closed,” Stahl said. “It has become impossible to sustain our ministry. this saddens us greatly.”

Ransomware attacks on hospitals aren’t uncommon. There have been at least 300 ransomware attacks on healthcare facilities every year since 2020; however, none of them have shuttered as a result of the attack, until now.

When hospitals are hit with ransomware attacks, they often have to scramble to find ways to suddenly work without the computer systems that have become indispensable in modern health care. 

“The average cyberattack on a health care system leads to 19 days of patients being unable to receive some form of care,” according to data from cyber security firm Cyber Peace Institute.

Several government agencies including the FBI and the National Security Agency recently updated the #StopRansomware Guide in an effort to help all organizations reduce the impact and likelihood of ransomware incidents. 

The hospital’s closure means residents will have to deal with longer commutes for some health care services. They’ll have to travel about 30 minutes for emergency room and obstetrics services.


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