Abrams: Biden administration distances self from Title 42

Dan Abrams Live

(NewsNation) — For months now, the Biden administration has been talking out of both sides of its mouth about Title 42, the Trump-era COVID immigration policy that allows officials to swiftly expel migrants at the southern border.

On one hand, they’ve been fighting to end the policy in court. On the other hand, they’ve been using Title 42 to control the flow of migrants along the border….

It’s been a disingenuous dance, with the White House trying to appease its progressive base by making a show of trying to get rid of Title 42, while understanding the reality on the ground that they need it.

With a looming court order that will seemingly bring an end to Title 42 comes the reality that thousands more migrants will cross every day. And so now, the administration is frantically trying to distance itself from the end of a policy that they fought to end.

After all, not only has the Biden administration been using Title 42, they have expanded its use beyond Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, to apply it to Venezuelans, as well.

They got a bit of a reprieve Monday, when Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts stepped in to pause the lifting of Title 42, which was scheduled for Wednesday. But it’s still very likely Title 42’s days are numbered. And again that’s thanks to the Biden administration’s challenge … an administration that continues to use Title 42.

On Monday, the White House reached a new level of hypocrisy on this issue when press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was pressed by Fox News correspondent Jackie Heinrich about the soon-to-be-ended policy. Heinrich confronted Jean-Pierre, and the press secretary’s response was complete nonsense.

This refusal to admit that they need Title 42, that they’ve needed it all along, is the part that gets me. And it came at the end of a long, rambling response to Heinrich, which didn’t even come close to answering the question.

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