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(NewsNation) — Tuesday is a special day for us here at “Dan Abrams Live.” One year ago, we launched this nightly show on NewsNation with a mission to take on the political extremes of both sides while trying to give a voice to what we call the marginalized moderate majority.

It’s been a great year, and I couldn’t be more thankful for our team members, who work tirelessly to help put this show together every night. And most importantly, I couldn’t be more thankful for all the viewers who watch. At a time when viewers are fleeing so many other shows on cable news, our audience is growing.

Since we launched, our average monthly viewership in the key sales demographic has gone up a whopping 67% and total viewers are up 34%. Fox News is down, CNN is down. Everyone else is either down or basically flat, but we and NewsNation as a whole are up big.

For far too long, our politicized media have ignored those of us near the political center. It isn’t in the best interests of the left-leaning and right-leaning outlets that make up the cable news landscape to cater to moderates. That type of programming just doesn’t gin up enough outrage. And so, the moderates have been neglected by these outlets.

The problem for them, and the great news for us, is that there are too many moderates out there to simply ignore. A Gallup survey earlier this year found 37% of Americans identify as moderate. That towers over the 27% who label themselves conservative, 17% who call themselves liberal, and the 9% and 7% who call themselves very conservative and very liberal, respectively.

And yet the 9% and the 7% are dominating our media right now, particularly on cable news. They’re the ones setting the agenda at these politicized outlets, and they’re the ones who are looking to keep viewers riled up. They’re one-trick ponies, their one trick is getting old, and it’s doing serious damage to our political discourse.

They want steam coming out of your ears, and that approach is forcing so many political leaders to follow suit and head for the extremes, or for the exits. We don’t believe you want to spend all your time being mad, and our goal is not to rile you up but to speak truth and common sense for the forgotten moderates.

The far left and the far right are hijacking our politics, and our politicized media is not just a co-conspirator, but the mastermind. That’s why I’m so proud we’ve created a place where honest, free-thinking Americans can come together and sometimes disagree.

As we enter year two of our show, we’re proud to have hosted many members of Congress, White House officials, local leaders and especially law enforcement officers from around the country. I would love to see even more of our leaders join us as our audience continues to grow.

Our audience is the swing voters who are actually willing to listen, an audience that hasn’t blindly made up its mind about every single issue. It’s an audience that can be persuaded by good, strong arguments, just as you often persuade me about certain things when you write in on social media or send us your comments.

I go through your emails every single day and often change our show based on things you’ve written. You’ve responded by staying tuned to our show and persuading your friends and neighbors to do the same. So thank you. Please keep spreading the word.

I’m so excited for what lies ahead. It’s a really important time for our country and a critical time for our voices to be heard so that hopefully, the marginalized moderate majority will not be marginalized for long.

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