Abrams: We put the real Jan. 6 video over Tucker Carlson’s words

(NewsNation) — Anyone who wants to deal in facts and proper context has been slamming Tucker Carlson for totally mischaracterizing Jan. 6 by taking out of context snippets of surveillance video from the riot at the Capitol.

Carlson spliced the video together with his own commentary about how he feels the insurrection was actually peaceful or even facilitated by law enforcement. We don’t need to join in on the pile-on because some Republican senators are even telling him to stop.

Carlson got access to more than 40,000 hours of Jan. 6 footage from House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. With that, he presented an alternate reality where sightseers and patriots were just strolling into the Capitol to take pictures. Of course, it’s complete nonsense.

Now of course, in the thousands of hours of video, there are going to be some calm, nonexplosive moments. But just selecting that would mean you were ignoring the relevant videos with violence.

So in the spirit of taking things out of context, in the video above, we’re going to use Tucker Carlson’s words but add in footage that he may not want you to see that shows how absurd his descriptions are of what actually happened.

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