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Abrams: We invited Hunter Biden’s ex-partner to appear

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(NewsNation) — Last week, Hunter Biden’s former business partner, Tony Bobulinski, sat down for an hourlong interview with Fox’s Tucker Carlson. He added to the allegations he has previously made against various members of the Biden family by alleging they defrauded him. He also accused the FBI of covering it up by never following up with him on what he said was fraud.

The allegations are serious, and he has some documentation to back it up. While I think the conclusion he draws about corruption by the FBI and his evidence supposedly implicating President Joe Biden in wrongdoing appear weak, I was prepared to take it seriously and learn more, like have someone on the show. Precisely as he told Tucker Carlson he wanted to do.

Carlson asked, “Did anyone at The New York Times or The Washington Post ever call you?”

Bobulinski replied: “So I have had a variety of people reach out to me, but nobody that was willing to actually go through a detailed interview of the facts. And you know, Jake Tapper, I guess, well respected by many people at CNN, you know, I appealed to him and Chris Licht, I’ll come for an interview, we’ll spend an hour, you can be as aggressive as you want to be with me. You can call me a liar. You can, you know, attack the facts.”

That intrigued us. I have no interest in calling him a liar, just questioning him and digging in beyond the sort of softball interviews he’s had on Fox News.

He certainly gave the impression that he would go anywhere, anytime to discuss the merits of his accusations and to present his evidence. So we reached out to him and offered to have him on the show. He responded that he was incredibly busy, but interested, if I read the Grassley Johnson report on Biden’s alleged conflicts of interest, and if we devote a full hour to the topic.

I assured him I would come in fully informed and read in and we would, as he requested, devote a full hour to the topic. We offered to send a car to pick him up, wherever he is, and then we didn’t hear from him again. We followed up and still haven’t heard back, which is odd, considering that he said this during his Fox interview.

“Good news is it’s just not my word against the Bidens. I have thousands of documents, text messages, WhatsApp conversations, recordings of the sitting president of the United States in his own voice, and I’d love to have that debate,” Bobulinski said.

“And you offered that,” Carlson questioned.

“I’m available. Yeah, I’ve had people reach out to me. And I’ve said, you know, listen, what’s the, you know, they just want something, they want something for a news cycle. So, I have not done that. I’ve been laying low. But I’m offering that now,” Bobulinski answered.

Now, I’m not doing this to attack Tony Bobulinski, but to do what I do with everyone, hold people to account for what they say, hold people to their word. On this program, we’re seeking to have honest conversations.

And he said he was ready, willing and able, which I applaud. But it’s harder to do an interview with someone who respectfully challenges you in the search of the truth. Then, well, this:

“How did you feel as a veteran and demonstrably patriotic American seeing censorship in your own country for political reasons?” Carlson asked. “So, they were shafting you without your knowledge it sounds like?”

Bobulinski replied: “Yeah, it’s called fraud.”

Carlson said: “How did the FBI not affect the election outcome? It sounds like the election was, I’ll just say it, rigged in part by the FBI.”

“It was,” Bobulinski said.

This is the problem with cable news today. It is becoming increasingly rare for either side to step out of their hermetically sealed bubbles, like a challenge when you can just find someone who will let you recite talking points and cheerlead as you do it.

Let’s be clear. Most in the left-wing media are just trying to ignore Tony Bobulinski. That is not the case here. We are not ignoring him.

We covered his story, and we’re welcoming him to come on the show and prepared to do an hour, just as he requested. The invitation remains open.

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