Alabama official: Why we’re leaving voter registration group

(NewsNation) — The state of Alabama has withdrawn from a multistate voter registration partnership, a decision that was met with criticism from proponents who say the organization can help combat voter fraud.

Much has been made of election security and voter fraud since 2016, and the Electronic Registration Information Center is an organization designed to help manage voter rolls. A total of 31 states (after Alabama’s withdrawal) and Washington, D.C., are members.

“Keeping voter rolls up to date is a challenge because, every day, voters move or die. Voters don’t always
remember to update their registration. ERIC was created to address these challenges,” the group says on its website.

Newly elected Alabama Secretary of State Wes Allen vowed to withdraw from ERIC on the campaign trail, a promise he fulfilled last month. The decision drew condemnation from his predecessor, who said ERIC provided needed information to maintain voter rolls.

In explaining the decision to withdraw, Allen cited privacy concerns.

“In Alabama, we’re going to come up with our own solution,” he said Friday on “Dan Abrams Live.”

You can watch his interview above.

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