What happens to Alex Murdaugh’s assets?

(NewsNation) — A jury on Thursday found Alex Murdaugh guilty on all counts related to the murder of his wife and son. Aside from the murder conviction, Murdaugh has also been charged with around 100 counts of crimes, financial and otherwise, linked to his legal practice and funds he admitted he stole.

What happens to Alex Murdaugh’s assets now that he has been convicted of the murder of his wife and son?

Civil trial attorney John T. Lay is overseeing Murdaugh’s assets. He says the murder convictions do not have much of an impact on the process that is not yet finished.

“Our lane is to find the assets, protect the assets, liquidate the assets, to create a fund for the victims of Mr. Murdaugh,” Lay said in an interview with Dan Abrams.

He added: “There’s not enough money to solve all the problems.”

In the video above, watch the full conversation between Lay and Abrams.

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