Andrew Cuomo’s attorney says AG ‘ignored’ credibility issues with accusers

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NEW YORK (NewsNation Now) — Former Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s attorney says the state attorney general “ignored” serious credibility issues with some of his accusers while investigating sexual harassment allegations against him.

“The narrative was that the attorney general was going to have a report done with biased investigators that would run the governor out of office, and so that she could run for governor herself,” Rita Galvin, Cuomo’s attorney said during an exclusive interview on “Dan Abrams Live.”

One of the critical accusers, Charlotte Bennett, had been accused of making up a prior sexual misconduct claim, and there may have been a recording to prove it.

Now, we are learning there’s a potential issue with another one of the critical accusers. Galvin said the media, along with New York State Attorney General Letitia James, may have turned a blind eye to crucial details about the first woman to come forward against him.

“There are clear problems with their credibility,” Galvin said. “The media did not want to explore it and they ignored it.”

At a press conference Thursday, Galvin revealed a series of text messages which appear to show Lindsey Boylan, one of the accusers, threaten a witness in the investigation.

Boylan claimed, among other things, that Cuomo would ask her to play strip poker.

The witness corroborated her story, but only after receiving a threatening note, according to Galvin. The messages have not been officially released by the Attorney General.

James’s office responded to Galvin’s press conference.

“When the attorney general talks about, ‘Oh, I released thousands of pages of you know, exhibits and transcripts,’ she’s only released about 30 of the transcripts of the 179 people who are interviewed,” Galvin said.

report James released in August concluded Cuomo sexually harassed 11 women. Cuomo resigned that month. He has called the report unfair.

“The case really comes down to two or three of the women,” Galvin said. “With respect to the remaining allegations, they are qualitatively different and the governor doesn’t dispute an number of them. You know, one of the 11 is a woman that the governor kissed on the cheek at a wedding who didn’t even work for him.”

Last week, a judge dismissed the only criminal charge against Cuomo in connection with sexual harassment allegations. Aide Brittany Commisso said Cuomo slid his hand up her blouse and grabbed her breast when they were alone in an office at the mansion.

Assistant District Attorney Jennifer McCanney told the judge prosecutors had reviewed the evidence “and concluded we cannot successfully secure a conviction in this case.”

Cuomo said he never touched anyone inappropriately.

“Governor Cuomo didn’t sexually harass a single woman,” Galvin said on “Dan Abrams Live.”

Two prosecutors in the New York City suburbs separately announced last month that Cuomo would not face charges for allegations involving other women who said they had been subjected to unwanted kisses or touches.

“You can’t move on when there has been an injustice,” Galvin said.

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