Bodycam: Man shoots officer in head after being shocked with Taser

Dan Abrams Live

DAYTON, Ohio (NewsNation Now) — An Ohio officer is now recovering at home after a suspect shot him in the head during a counterfeit cash investigation.

Body camera footage captured Dayton police officer Thadeu Holloway deploying a Taser on the suspect, identified as Antwyane Lowe, after Lowe took a swing at him.

Lowe then pulls out a gun and shoots at the officer. The bullet ripped through Holloway’s temporal artery.

“Please hurry,” Holloway said in the video. “I’ve been shot on the left side of my head. I can barely hear my earpiece.”

Sean “Sticks” Larkin from “Live PD” told  Dan Abrams this is a clear example of how Tasers do not work all the time.

“It is a great tool for us, but that’s exactly what is it is: a tool,” Larkin said. ” Studies vary. It typically has an effective rate about 60% to 70% of the time, (and there are) many different factors on why it doesn’t always work.”

Larkin said clothing, proximity and whether someone is under the influence can impact how effective a Taser is. He also says the effects from the Taser usually only last about five seconds.

“Ideally, an officer would love to have a secondary officer present when he deploys a Taser,” Larkin said. “That way that officer can get hands on while you’re controlling a Taser. He didn’t have this luxury here. … Unfortunately, it ended in this deadly force encounter.”

Lowe also survived the shooting. He is out of the hospital and in jail, awaiting trial.

“The officer did an amazing job,” Larkin said. “He incapacitates him (the suspect), calmly gets on the radio, describes exactly what’s happened, where he’s at and where he’s been shot at, and is still aware of the citizens that are around and trying to keep them in a place of safety.”

Abrams, whose news show premiered on NewsNation Now last month, said he will regularly highlight police work and some of the incredible — and dangerous — situations officers deal with every day.

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