Boebert on Hunter Biden probe: ‘We need to look into this’

(NewsNation) — The House Oversight Committee is investigating Hunter Biden’s art deals.

Wednesday, committee chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) called on Georges Bergès, owner of the Georges Bergès Gallery, to give the committee information about the anonymous buyers of Hunter Biden’s artwork.

According to Comer, some of Biden’s art ranges in price from $55,000 to $225,000. Comer, along with some other members of the committee, are concerned the transactions may indicate the Bidens are “selling access and influence.”

“It is concerning that President Biden’s son is the recipient of anonymous, high-dollar transactions —potentially from foreign buyers — with no accountability or oversight (other than you),” Comer wrote in a letter to Bergès.

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) serves on the House Oversight Committee. She believes Americans deserve more transparency when it comes to the art sales.

“Look, he’s been selling his art for about $500,000 a piece. And of course, what these anonymous people are buying isn’t art. It’s access, access to Hunter’s dad, the president of the United States,” Boebert speculated in an interview with NewsNation host Dan Abrams. “We need to know if the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) funds have been lining Hunter’s pockets and possibly Joe Biden’s and here’s the bottom line: Hunter Biden is a man without morals.”

Abrams pushed back, noting that there’s no credible evidence so far to suggest that Joe Biden was compromised. He also questioned Boebert on Congress investigating Biden’s children and not Trump’s.

“I understand the purpose to determine if any foreign governments were trying to curry favor with Hunter to maybe get to his father. But if you go down that road, don’t you then also have to start looking into Ivanka’s trademark deal with China and Jared Kushner and the Saudi deal, not to mention which diplomats from scary countries stayed at Trump family hotels?” Abrams asked. “I mean, all of that seems to relate to foreign governments’ possible effort to use kids to get at dad, no?”

Boebert responded that she believes the Trumps have been clear in their business affairs.

“I think that the Trumps have been very transparent in all of their business dealings, and they’ve been more scrutinized than any other first family that we’ve ever seen. Hunter Biden has some serious issues with business dealings that include his father,” Boebert replied.

Boebert said the committee’s main question is whether Joe Biden was ever compromised by foreign actors through Hunter. She’s certain they will find the answer.

“I think that there’s certainly some ties here that you can connect the dots, and we’re going to be doing that in the Oversight Committee. We are going to have this investigation. At the end, we’ll know what happened,” Boebert said.

Abrams continued: “I’m just making the point that you’re trying to tie Hunter to Joe. I get that, but there’s no evidence yet that’s credible.”

As part of their probe, the House Oversight Committee has asked Bergès for all documents and communications from the gallery. They have also requested that he appear for a transcribed interview with members of the committee before Feb. 15.

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