Coulter: Santos ‘ought to stay’ in the House

(NewsNation) — Congressman George Santos continues to make headlines. The freshman congressman from New York has admitted to a heap of lies about his background, including about having a degree, Jewish ancestry and a Wall Street pedigree.

With mounting pressure to resign, some have questioned whether Santos will make it to 2024 in the House of Representatives. In a discussion with NewsNation host Dan Abrams, political commentator Ann Coulter said she believes Santos will still be around.

“I think he’ll stay. I think he ought to stay. I mean, OK, it’s a little more than your average political lying, but there are a lot of liars in Congress,” Coulter said.

Coulter said if lying is the basis for the issues people have with Santos, President Joe Biden should resign.

“Biden should resign,” Coulter said, later adding: “It’s been going on a long time, and he is president. Santos is just a congressman.”

Abrams pressed that he thinks Santos’ lies are on a “different level.”

Coulter said if Biden resigns, she would call for Santos to step down. She believes Santos will survive another two years in the House, at least.

“Why bother? If Biden steps down, I’ll demand that George Santos resign,” Coulter said.

According to reports, Santos is facing investigations from federal authorities over potential campaign finance violations and a probe from Nassau County over alleged lies during his campaign.

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