Court ends ‘special master’ review: What’s next for Trump?

Dan Abrams Live

(NewsNation) — In a big legal blow to Donald Trump, a panel of three appeals court judges, two of whom were appointed by Trump, just shut down the special master review of the documents seized at Mar-a-Lago.

Dan Abrams says this shows that the rule of law works, despite people questioning the legitimacy of conservative or liberal-majority courts.

“We had a ruling today from the Federal Court of Appeals, that we all are sitting here agreeing with, right? We’re all saying this was the right decision. And my point is that I think that it’s really dangerous what I see from some people on the left … They can think this is an awful court. They can think this is a terrible court, they can think that this is a wrong court. But when you start saying it’s illegitimate, you undermine all of the rulings,” Abrams said.

Many believe Trump will appeal the decision to the Supreme Court, which will likely decide not to take the case.

In the video above, Abrams discusses what this means for the former president with Harry Litman, a former deputy assistant attorney general, and May Mailman, a former associate White House counsel.

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