Abrams calls out CNN on police special; plus, Joe Rogan stands his ground

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(NewsNation Now) — There has been a lot of news about police and policing this past week. Police officers were intentionally killed in record numbers in 2021 and this month, officers were killed in Houston and New York, among other places.

And yet this weekend, CNN featured an hourlong special on policing in America — not about the cops who have been killed in near record numbers and the dangers of being a police offices, but about police misconduct and bias. Jillian Snider, a retired NYPD officer and adjunct lecturer at the John Jay School of Criminal Justice, weighs in on the issue.

Democratic strategist Michael Starr Hopkins joins the show to discuss Biden’s pledge to nominate an African-American woman to the Supreme Court.

The Mediaite moment focuses on how football great Tom Brady and Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer reacted to rumors about their retirement.

Podcaster Joe Rogan has overcome the calls for him to be canceled, with all signs indicating that Spotify won’t cave. Abrams thinks that’s a good thing, but Bridget Todd, the communications director at Ultraviolet, disagrees. She joins the show to debate the issue.

Kate Briquelet, the senior reporter at The Daily Beast, updates us on Michael Avenatti’s trial.

In tonight’s bodycam segment, we look at what happens when a trooper’s good deed takes a terrifying turn. Retired Tulsa police Lt. Sean “Sticks” Larkin helps us break down the video.

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