Bashing bipartisanship, Hunter Biden’s art show and an officer shot in the head survives

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NEW YORK (NewsNation Now) — Is bipartisanship dead? First, it was the progressives. Now, it’s the far-right’s turn as Sean Hannity goes after Mitch McConnell over extending a big nothing of an olive branch over the debt limit. Is there any hope for compromise in Washington? Jamil Jaffer, founder and director for the National Security Institute, weighs in.

Hunter Biden has become a polarizing figure. The left feels sympathy for him, while the right goes at him hard. Now, his latest endeavor into art is leaving a bad taste in some people’s mouths, especially since he’s still under a federal investigation. Ben Schreckinger, national political correspondent for Politico, helps us dig into this more. Schreckinger is the author of “The Bidens: Inside The First Family’s Fifty-Year Rise to Power.”

The college admissions scandal that rocked the sports world and Hollywood is headed to a jury. Melissa Korn, a reporter for The Wall Street Journal who covers higher education, joins the show to talk about the “Varsity Blues” case. You’ll also hear Dan’s take on some of the parents’ defense.

Plus, an officer shot in the head. Miraculously, he not only survives, but is able to keep innocent bystanders nearby safe. Sean “Sticks” Larkin will join us live to take us through this extraordinary body cam video.

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