Big night for political moderates; Supreme Court taking up major gun case

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(NewsNation Now) — It was a good night for the GOP and a bad night for the Democrats, but no one is really talking about the fact that Tuesday was a big night for political moderates — and moderation. Jessica Taylor, the Senate and governors editor for The Cook Political Report, joins “Dan Abrams Live” to weigh in.

There’s new finger pointing over what led to the deadly shooting on the set of the Alec Baldwin movie “Rust.” Criminal defense attorney David Katz helps us break it all down.

Katz also joins NewsNation affiliate WPIX sports reporter Justin Walters to discuss the latest on the Las Vegas crash involving a former Raiders wide receiver.

Police Chief Anthony Paparo from Yeadon, Pennsylvania joins the show for our body cam segment. Tonight, we are taking a look at a a traffic pursuit-turned-standoff in Los Angeles.

Then, Darrell Miller, a professor at the Duke University Center for Firearms Law, joins the show to discuss the Supreme Court taking up one of its biggest gun cases in more than a decade.

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