Hypocrisy in NFL, Gabby Petito’s cause of death and Republicans supporting Democrats?

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NEW YORK (NewsNation Now) — The emails that ended John Gruden’s tenure as coach of the Las Vegas Raiders were racist, homophobic and shameful. Everyone’s talking about the content of the emails and his resignation, but we are not like every other show. What we don’t understand is: What is the standard in the NFL for losing your job?

It seems degrading and unacceptable words are enough, but domestic violence and sexual assault aren’t? You’ll hear Dan’s take. Anthony Tall, an attorney and president and founder of Miracle Sports, and Dana Cole, a Los Angeles based defense attorney and legal analyst, also weigh in.

Then, Racy Walder, a former CIA officer and FBI special agent, joins the show to discuss Gabby Petito’s cause of death and the response of Brian Laundrie’s attorney.

Also, watch as cops catch up with the suspected shooter and he comes at them armed with a gun. Escondido, California police Chief Ed Varso joins the show to talk about the shootout.

Plus, Doug Schoen, longtime Democratic consultant and pollster, joins the show to discuss GOP leaders pronouncing they will vote for Democrats in 2024.

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