Is the search for Brian Laundrie over? Plus, dashcam shows officer’s split-second decision

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NEW YORK (NewsNation Now) —  It sure seems like the manhunt for Brian Laundrie is over. The FBI is now confirming investigators found what they say appear to be human remains along with personal items belonging to Laundrie. NewsNation’s Brian Entin has a live report. Plus, Tracy Walder, a former CIA officer and former FBI special agent, weigh in.

NewsNation’s Tom Negovan also joins us live outside a memorial for Gabby Petito in her hometown of Blue Point, N.Y.

And NewsNation’s Ashleigh Banfield, who has been following the Petito case closely, gives Dan her reaction to the FBI’s latest update.

K-9 handler and former police officer Kyle Heyen talks about the search at the Florida reserve.

Then, a man wearing body armor reverses into a patrol car, then gets out and approaches officers. Attorney and former detective Shaka Johnson helps us break down the body camera footage of the confrontation.  

You may have heard about the man accused of raping a woman on a train while police say people watched, but did nothing. But what you may not have heard is that the suspect was in this country illegally and had pleaded guilty to a sex crime in another case. Adriana Estevez. an immigration attorney and managing partner for Woehrle, Dahlberg and Yao, joins the show to help us understand how the man was still in this country.

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