Is there a double standard for TV commentators; ‘Sticks’ Larkin breaks down Florida bodycam video

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(NewsNation Now) — Some big names on the TV networks have been getting into hot water for weighing in on controversial subjects.

Can they say anything about tough topics without losing their gigs? 

ESPN’s Sage Steele was recently sidelined for comments she made on a podcast about both former President Barack Obama and vaccine mandates.

During her tenure with ESPN, anchor Jemele Hill was suspended multiple times, once in 2008 for referencing Hitler in an article and then again in 2017 for a tweet suggesting an NFL boycott after Cowboys owner Jerry Jones stated that players who disrespected the flag would not play for his team. However, she was not punished for calling then President Donald Trump a white supremacist.

Dan Abrams looks into what some say is a double standard for television commentators. Steve Krakauer, who writes the “Fourth Watch” newsletter and hosts the “Fourth Watch” podcast, joins the show to discuss.

On tonight’s police body camera segment, the show looks at what happened when police in St. Petersburg, Florida found a man accused of violating a restraining order. Retired Tulsa police Lt. Sean “Sticks” Larkin joins the show to break down the video.

And every Friday, “Dan Abrams Live,” asks for your help in finding a missing child. This week, it’s 5-year-old Michael Joseph Vaughan from Fruitland, Idaho. Angeline Hartmann, media director for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, joins the show to explain how people can help in the search.

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