Jan. 6 subpoenas, Lt. Gov. goes rogue and an officer shot

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NEW YORK (NewsNation Now) —  The House is continuing its Jan. 6 investigation and now trying to serve four members of former President Donald Trump’s administration with subpoenas. That is … if they can actually find them all. Trump, however, is reportedly preparing to direct his former aides to defy the subpoenas, according to a new report out Wednesday from The Guardian.

But will it even matter? Can Congress force these people to testify before the committee? And maybe the most important question is: Will this drag out past the 2022 election?  Bradley Moss, an attorney specializing in cases dealing with national security issues, weighs in.

Idaho’s governor has a big mess to clean up when he returns to the state after his lieutenant governor goes rogue and issues executive orders that fundamentally change the state’s COVID policies. Can Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin do that? You’ll hear Dan’s take. Sally Krutzig, a reporter for the Idaho Statesman, also joins the show to unpack what’s happening.

A new report says the most radical cable news channel of all is in bed with a telecom giant. The report from Reuters says AT&T helped build far-right One America News. Tara Setmayer joins the show to discuss this. She’s a resident scholar at the University of Virginia Center for Politics, a senior adviser for The Lincoln Project and host of LPTV’s “The Breakdown.”

Plus, we’ll here an officer begging his fellow officers not to let him die after he’s shot by a suspect. Sean “Sticks” Larkin will join us live to take us through this extraordinary body cam video.

And a wanted fugitive missing for more than 20 years spotted at a Dodgers game? Attorney Judd Burstein, who represented the man after his arrest, joins the show.

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