Low-level crime policies, possible new trial for Ghislaine Maxwell and real-life ‘Lassie’ to the rescue

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(NewsNation Now) — New York and Los Angeles are among a number of major cities across America instituting criminal justice procedures that de-emphasize low-level crime, with the district attorneys not even prosecuting many of those types of cases. But do all the crimes these cities are de-emphasizing really count as minor? Jillian Snider, who leads the criminal justice and civil liberties team at the non-partisan R Street Institute, joins the show to discuss the changes. Snider is also an adjunct lecturer at John Jay College in New York and spent 13 years working as an NYPD officer. Retired Tulsa police Lt. Sean “Sticks” Larkin also weighs in.

Could the Ghislaine Maxwell verdict be overturned? Two jurors may have swayed the jury by talking about their past history of sexual abuse. Adam Klasfeld, managing editor of Law and Crime, joins the show to talk about the possibility.  

In tonight’s Mediaite Moment, we take a look at misplaced anger at Fox News host Sean Hannity over text messages about Jan. 6.

Then, a violent, convicted sex offender walks out of an Idaho prison after accepting a plea deal and $515 in court fees. Eric Grossarth, a reporter for East Idaho News, has covered the story extensively and joins the show.

And we discuss an incredible rescue by a four-legged friend. Lt. Dan Baldassarre from the New Hampshire State police talks to us about a dog that led his officers to a crash site.

In tonight’s On Scene, we look at what happened when a traffic stop spiraled out of control and turned into a hostage situation and standoff at a high school. Larkin returns to help us break down the video.

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