Prioritizing COVID treatment by race, tragic ski accident and cops chase a backhoe

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(NewsNation Now) — One of the things the Biden administration has been crowing about most is the number of judges confirmed in his first year as president. Thus far, 41 have been confirmed, the most confirmed judges in a first year since the administration of John F. Kennedy. But when you read the recent White House releases and the ensuing media coverage you would know a lot less about the qualifications of the judges and much more just about their race, religion, sexual orientation, and gender. Fatima Goss Graves, the president & CEO of the National Women’s Law Center, weighs in.

In some states, minorities are receiving preference when it comes to getting life saving treatment against COVID. William A. Jacobson, a clinical professor at Cornell Law School, says it isn’t legal and is suing. He joins us live.

New York’s Attorney General Letitia James is going after former President Trump and his family members and associates, releasing information suggesting they were cheating on taxes. But even if her investigation has merit, she’s got credibility issues that are getting in the way. Former federal prosecutor Daniel R. Alonso weighs in. 

In tonight’s Mediaite Moment, we are talking about how news outlets have covered the Supreme Court justices’ dispute over mask wearing.

Criminal defense attorney Dominique Mondoloni weighs in on a tragic ski accident that left a 5-year-old dead in France.

Then, Sean “Sticks” Larkin helps break down bodycam video of cops chasing a suspect in a backhoe.

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