School board insanity, Laundrie family divided and suspect shoots at police with AK-47

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NEW YORK (NewsNation Now) — The Justice Department announced Tuesday that it will investigate the spike in harassment, intimidation and violent threats against school board members across the country. For months, school board meetings in numerous places have devolved into screaming matches, with fury-fueled rants and even physical fights with raging parents. Dan Raasch, one of three school board members in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, to resign citing the citing toxic behavior and a hyper-partisan environment, joins the show to talk about the school board showdowns.

Boxing is back in the news this week as the biggest fight of the year is just days away, but there’s a darker underbelly of the sport that’s come under increasing scrutiny following the death of a fighter in Mississippi on Monday. One of the biggest promoters in all of boxing, Lou DiBella, joins the show to discuss the sport’s regulation.

Taylor Swift’s army of fans are getting ready to mobilize against a candidate in Virginia’s gubernatorial race. Many believe they could they actually sway a supe- close election. Jem Aswad, a music editor at Variety magazine, weighs in.

And are the Laundries a family divided? Brian Laundrie’s sister Cassie is now casting doubt on her own parents as the Laundrie family’s attorney releases a new timeline on when Brian’s parents say they last saw their son. Criminal defense attorney David Katz helps us make sense of it all

A car barreling down a highway at more than 100 miles per hour leads to a shootout, with the suspect firing at police with an AK-47. Sean “Sticks” Larkin will join us live to take us through the breathtaking chase.

Plus, the media has a field day with Stephanie Grisham’s new tell-all in tonight’s Mediaite moments.

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