Ex-sheriff: Casey White ‘confession’ motive may be transfer

  • Casey White claims he killed someone after escaping an Alabama jail
  • Investigators think White, who escaped with the help of a guard, is lying
  • A retired sheriff thinks Casey White may be seeking a prison transfer

(NewsNation) — Casey Whites claim that he killed someone while on the run last year after escaping an Alabama jail may be motivated by a desire to be transferred out of prison, a retired sheriff said.

In April 2022, Rick Singleton was a major part of the intensive manhunt for Casey White and Vicky White that captivated the nation.

Singleton was serving as the Lauderdale County Sheriff in Florence, Alabama, when Casey White broke out of the Lauderdale County Detention Center with help from his lover, Alabama correctional officer Vicky White.

At first, the urgent search took Singleton on an emotional roller coaster. He initially worried Vicky, who was a model employee for 17 years, had been taken by force, or that her life was at risk.

That’s before investigators revealed that Vicky White and Casey White had an ongoing secret relationship for around two years, right under their noses.

The duo evaded law enforcement for nearly two weeks before they were found in Evansville, Indiana. Authorities say Vicky White turned a gun on herself and Casey White was taken into custody.

Casey White pleaded guilty to first-degree escape in order for the murder charge connected to Vicky White’s death to be dropped. Ahead of his sentencing, with likely more time in an Alabama state prison in his future, news of a confession from Casey White has emerged.

During a phone call with NewsNation senior national correspondent Brian Entin, Casey White claimed he killed a woman in Indiana.

“I got a woman and a baby girl buried up in Evansville, Indiana,” White told Entin.

Casey White insists he killed a woman while he was hiding at a motel in the Evansville area. Singleton thinks there could be motive behind Casey White’s “confession” and that he probably wants to be transferred to a small county jail rather than be in prison.

“He seems to prefer to be in local county jail as opposed to the state prison,” Singleton told NewsNation host Dan Abrams. “We just don’t have the level of security at a county jail and for some reason, he seems to like to get transferred to local facilities.”

Singleton said Casey White has been transferred before in the past due to what he’s told investigators about other cases. And that this time around, Casey White’s claims do not “surprise” him at all.

“Casey White is a master manipulator. Not only did he manipulate Vicky White, but he tries to manipulate the system,” Singleton said.

Evansville Police believe Casey White is lying and said there were no missing women being investigated during the time of the escape. White’s attorney, Robert Tuten, thinks his client’s claims are “highly unlikely.”

Casey White is set to be sentenced Thursday. His trial connected to the killing of Connie Ridgeway is scheduled for August.

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