Federal manhunt underway for Larry Hogan’s ex-chief of staff

  • A federal manhunt is underway for Roy McGrath
  • Former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan's ex-chief of staff failed to appear in court
  • FBI agents have now raided McGrath's home in Florida

(NewsNation) — A federal manhunt is underway for former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan’s ex-chief of staff Roy McGrath.

Two days after McGrath failed to appear in court to stand trial for federal corruption charges, FBI agents raided his home in Florida.

McGrath, 53, was nowhere to be found during Monday’s court date at Baltimore’s federal courthouse. Rather than beginning jury selection in his trial, a warrant was issued for McGrath’s arrest.

According to a grand jury indictment, McGrath stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from the state of Maryland, including a $233,647 severance payment he obtained for leaving his post as the executive director of the Maryland Environmental Service to become Hogan’s chief of staff in 2020. He is also accused of using state funds for personal expenses.

After news of the severance payment broke in August 2020, McGrath resigned from Hogan’s administration. He ended up moving to Naples, Florida, where his home was raided Wednesday.

As the manhunt for McGrath continues, Pamela Wood, a politics reporter for The Baltimore Banner, discussed the search with NewsNation host Dan Abrams. Watch their conversation in the video player above.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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