House panel leader suggests DOJ delay Hunter Biden probe

(NewsNation) — It appears some of the same people who have spent years calling for federal authorities to investigate and indict Hunter Biden now want the Justice Department to hit the brakes.

Politico reported Wednesday that Rep. James Comer, chair of the House Oversight Committee, suggested that the DOJ hold off on an indictment against Biden — if it finds evidence of crimes — until Republicans can complete their own probe. Criminal charges could hinder the congressional investigation.

If federal prosecutors move forward with a case, Comer said the House panel could pivot to focus more heavily on other family members.

“If they indict Hunter Biden, there’s still a lot of stuff out there. And say we can’t touch anything (Hunter Biden-related), it freezes up all the evidence — there’s still a lot of stuff out there,” Comer said in the interview with Politico.

John Yoo, former deputy assistant attorney general in the Office of Legal Counsel, says he would be surprised if the DOJ gave serious consideration to a delay at the request of Congress. He joined “Dan Abrams Live” on Friday to talk about the parallel investigations and separation of powers.

Watch Yoo’s full interview above.

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