Dem rep: Immigration reform about more than border security

Dan Abrams Live

(NewsNation) — Congressman Lou Correa says he is willing to work across the aisle on immigration reform, but adds that his colleagues must stop pushing what he believes is a “false narrative.”

A bipartisan Senate proposal to address the immigration system and border security failed to get any traction in the lame-duck session of Congress, and now, Republicans and Democrats are visiting the southern border.

Correa, a California Democrat, was critical of the Senate plan and says he’s ready to work together on an immigration solution. But he wants the discussion to be more robust than what he believes it has been.

“This issue isn’t about the border,” Correa said Tuesday on “Dan Abrams Live.” “It’s about an unstable Latin America, it’s about the economy … and about a refugee crisis.”

Watch his interview above, where he expands on the issue.

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