Lawmaker wants self-defense law named after Kyle Rittenhouse

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(NewsNation Now) — A Tennessee lawmaker says Kyle Rittenhouse is “a hero to so many” and is introducing a self-defense bill known as “Kyle’s Law.”

“To me, the Kyle Rittenhouse case was an example of abuse by a district attorney going after a defendant for political purposes,” state Rep. Bruce Griffey, who wrote and sponsored the bill, said on “Dan Abrams Live.”

House Bill 1769 would require the state to reimburse costs to a defendant who is charged with criminal homicide but found not guilty due to self-defense. Defendants would make a motion for reimbursement following their not guilty verdict and leave it to the court to determine how much the defendant is awarded.

“If you have a jury unanimously come back and say this prosecution should never have taken place, that’s the situation I think a defendant should be entitled to get some compensation from the state,” Griffey said.

Rittenhouse fatally shot two people in August 2020 in Kenosha, Wisconsin, during Black Lives Matter protests before being acquitted this fall in a dramatic trial and verdict.

On Thursday, Rittenhouse’s attorney filed paperwork to get his gun back so it could be destroyed.

“Kyle went there for, I think, honorable and noble purposes to try to protect property and prevent crimes from happening,” Griffey said. “He was attacked by the liberal left there and these hoodlums.”

Griffey also plans to present Rittenhouse a proclamation honoring him as a hero.

“If he hadn’t had that gun, he’d probably be dead,” Griffey said, adding that it was unfortunate anyone died.

Just days after he was found not guilty of all charges, Rittenhouse told NewsNation he does not want to get involved in politics “at all” and believes his case “should never have been used as a cause” for any political agendas.

He even said he might change his name.

“I am considering changing my name and growing a beard,” Rittenhouse said. “Maybe losing some weight. I gained it all back during this stressful time. And just changing my appearance.”

In response to Rittenhouse’s comments about moving on from the shooting, Griffey said, “My point is, he is a hero to so many because he tried to stand up and protect his community.”

Dan Abrams questioned whether the self-defense law would open the door for people to argue that states should pay anytime there is an acquittal.

“I respectfully disagree with you,” Griffey said. “I think this is a situation where there was clear abuse.”

A bill very similar to “Kyle’s Law” is also being considered in Oklahoma.

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