Megyn Kelly on docs scandal: ‘Biden just saved Trump’

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(NewsNation) —  President Joe Biden is facing intense scrutiny since classified documents were discovered at his former office and his home, which is under investigation by the Justice Department. Many questions about the findings have gone unanswered by the White House, pushing Biden into a harsher limelight for some.

While the cases differ, how will the Biden documents scandal impact former President Donald Trump’s documents investigation?

Conservative pundit Megyn Kelly tells NewsNation host Dan Abrams that the Biden documents discovery immensely helped Trump.

“I think Biden just saved to Trump. I think Trump should send Biden an enormous present of some sort. Because I think they were on the precipice of charging Trump I thought his goose was pretty much cooked on that case, and that they were going to bring charges against him, despite how extraordinary it would be to charge a former president with a crime. And this has erased any possibility in my mind that that’s going to happen,” Kelly said.

Ultimately, Kelly does not think Trump or Biden will be charged in connection to their document discoveries.

“But I think no one’s getting charged, not Trump, not Biden. The sad thing, Dan, is that you know, who is getting charged, regular people, civilians, who made a mistake by keeping classified documents they had while they were in government service,” Kelly told Abrams.

Kelly believes there is now a political element the DOJ is potentially considering when it comes to the investigation.

“It’s not to say that the two situations are identical. It’s just to say that they’re similar enough, that as a political matter, which is going to be in the thoughts of the DOJ, it’s not all about whether he violated the law or he violated the law, it’s become unpalatable for them to pursue charges against Trump,” Kelly said.

What happens if Jack Smith, special counsel in the Trump case, concludes his investigation and recommends that charges are brought against Trump? Kelly thinks the AG will try smoothing things over before it gets to that point.

“I imagine that there’d be some massaging before that point. And even if there weren’t some massaging, it’s up to Merrick Garland. Ultimately, it’s not up to Smith, and Merrick Garland has to take the interests of the country into account and of course, he’s going to be speaking with the Biden White House. I don’t believe for one second that there won’t be a conversation there,” she said.

Pointing to the documents drama, Kelly said she believes AG Garland is politicized.

“He’s not stupid. He wants to make sure that he had all of his ducks in a row, and make sure that he looked to people like he was doing a full and fair investigation. And he doesn’t want to charge Trump right after the midterms. Right? There’s going to have to be some sort of a breathing period there. So I don’t know what he’s doing behind the scenes,” Kelly said, continuing: “But I do think I think it’s very curious. He’s known about Biden’s problem since early November, kept it under wraps from the American people. And it’s perhaps possible he knows a lot more about that scandal than we do.”

Kelly said overall she does not believe the average American citizen wants to see charges based on the Presidential Records Act.

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