Rachel Morin’s brother: Suspect’s hunting ground is national

  • Six weeks have passed since the tragic death of Rachel Morin
  • A Maryland sheriff believes the suspect has taken additional lives
  • In an effort to boost the search, the family initiated a digital campaign

(NewsNation) — Six weeks have passed since the tragic death of Rachel Morin, a devoted mother of five, who was brutally killed while jogging on a popular Bel Air, Maryland, hiking trail.

Despite substantial leads, including the suspect’s DNA and video evidence, her killer remains on the loose, leaving her family and law enforcement frustrated and determined to bring the perpetrator to justice.

Rachel Morin’s brother, Michael Morin, joined “Dan Abrams Live” on Friday to discuss the investigation, saying, “I wasn’t able to save my sister, but if we get this video out there and we get this guy’s name, we can save the next poor victim of this guy.”

Morin set out for an evening hike at approximately 6 p.m. Aug. 5. Her boyfriend reported her missing after she failed to return. The following day, her car was discovered at the trailhead, and a volunteer searcher made the grim discovery of her lifeless body.

The investigation initially made progress when law enforcement announced they had identified a suspect using DNA evidence.

This development was complemented by video footage obtained from the Los Angeles Police Department, showing the suspect leaving the scene of an assault during a home invasion. The same individual is suspected of being Rachel Morin’s killer.

“I mean, the heinous crime that happened in Los Angeles, and then what happened here, you know, the brutal murder of my sister in Bel Air, that’s 2,700 miles,” Michael Morin said. “So essentially, that makes his hunting ground national. So I’m sure that’s making it more difficult for law enforcement, as well.”

Many anticipated a swift arrest.

DNA taken from the Rachel Morin crime scene has been linked to an unidentified suspect in a Los Angeles home invasion, Colonel William Davis of the Harford County Sheriff’s Office announced Thursday night. (Harford Co. Sheriff’s Office photos)

The hope was that someone would recognize the suspect from the photo and lead authorities to his apprehension. However, as time has passed, the case has taken unexpected turns.

“The only thing we’re missing right now is a name,” Michael Morin said. “And that’s why my attorneys started that digital campaign. So hopefully, we can put a name to this guy’s face.”

In an effort to boost the search for the suspect, the law firm representing Morin’s family initiated a digital campaign. The campaign placed ads featuring photos of the suspect on approximately 30 websites in Harford County and Los Angeles, specifically targeting Spanish-speaking individuals.

According to police, the suspect is described as approximately 5 feet 9 inches tall, weighing 160 pounds, in his early to mid-twenties, and of Hispanic descent.

A Maryland sheriff investigating the case believes the suspect responsible for her death has probably taken additional lives.

“What the sheriff had said, you know, they all believe that … he is a serial killer, and then he will kill again. That’s a scary thing,” Michael Morin said.

Authorities have received more than 600 tips from around the world, demonstrating the widespread concern and desire for justice in this case.

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