Republicans, Democrats seize narratives after Trump raid

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(NewsNation) — Both Republicans and Democrats have been quick to take advantage of the lack of information surrounding the FBI raid of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, filling the gaps in with their own narratives and spins.

The raid, in which FBI agents found top secret documents on Trump’s property, possibly some related to nuclear weapons, has super-heated an already hot political climate in the U.S., as both sides of the aisle have tried to seize the narrative around the raid.

Republicans say this is just another unfair attack on an embattled former president they feel has been unjustly treated by the Department of Justice and FBI for years, and have even tried to steer the conversation toward Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama

Democrats, on the other hand, are again touting this as the moment they will finally take down Donald Trump.

In the real world, meanwhile, a lot has been left unsaid about what was behind this raid and what was found. But that has not stopped politicians and political pundits from playing politics.

“We don’t know the facts. What we do know is that Americans want politicians to be treated the same, no matter who they are,” Republican strategist Mark Weaver said Friday on “Dan Abrams Live.” “So, if you’re Hillary Clinton and you have a bathroom server full of classified information and there’s no raid, then why is there a raid for another politician?”

While Weaver stayed true to the Republican narrative surrounding the Mar-a-Lago search, University of Maryland professor Jason Nichols said this incident, if nothing else, pointed out flaws in the legal system, possibly exploited by Trump.

Nichols also highlighted that it is likely Trump’s legal team ignored a subpoena from the Justice Department, which likely led to the raid, rather than Weaver’s suggestion that Trump was the target of Justice Department bullying.

The full round of commentary from Nichols and Weaver can be viewed above.

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