‘Ridiculous’: Laptop repairman on Hunter Biden lawyer claims

(NewsNation) — Hunter Biden is going on offense after years of attacks, calling for investigations into wey figures connected to the infamous laptop.

Lawyers for the president’s son sent letters to state and federal law enforcement, requesting investigations into those who they say accessed and disseminated personal information from a laptop John Paul Mac Isaac says was dropped off at his Delaware computer repair store in 2019.

Biden’s attorneys zeroed in on Mac Isaac, who ended up turning the hard drive over to the FBI and eventually wrote a book about how he says he tried to get data from the laptop to authorities.

Legal representatives for Biden claim Mac Isaac unlawfully accessed the contents of the laptop, illegally profited off of it, distributed data to political enemies of Joe Biden and caused exploitation of Hunter Biden’s personal information. Mac Isaac insists that the majority of the letter is ridiculous and full of inaccuracies.

“My story has been the same (…) When I told it to the FBI in December of 2019, it’s remained the same story. Hunter Biden came into my shop; he came in with three liquid damaged laptops. I explained to him the data recovery process, explained to him the 90-day abandonment procedure, and he signed that document allowing me access to those drives. Everything else that’s being said in that letter is absolutely ridiculous,” Mac Isaac told NewsNation host Dan Abrams on Thursday.

Mac Isaac’s attorney, Brian Della Rocca, said Hunter Biden interacted with Isaac on two occasions and maintained that Mac Isaac was authorized to access the data.

“He explained what he would have to do to transfer that data onto the external drive. Hunter knew that because of the damage of the length of the laptop, that John Paul would have to access the data in order to make sure he was able to transfer all of the information that Hunter wants. There’s no question that Hunter consented to it. He signed the authorization and everything was explained to him,” Della Rocca said.

Mac Isaac added: “It was never anything other than my responsibility to hand over the contents of that laptop to the authorities. And that’s all I’ve done. And that’s all I will continue to do. I know there’s been a lot of perception about my activities, a lot of people saying I’ve profited off of this, and I promoted this. I haven’t. Trust me, I’ve lost a lot more than I’ve gained during this entire process.”

Biden’s attorney, Abbe Lowell, insists the letters are not an acknowledgment that the laptop belongs to their client.

“These letters do not confirm (the computer shop owner, John Paul Mac Isaac) or others’ versions of a so-called laptop,” Lowell said in a statement to NewsNation. “They address their conduct of seeking, manipulating and disseminating what they allege to be Mr. Biden’s personal data, wherever they claim to have gotten it.”

The Department of Justice has declined to comment on the letters sent by Hunter Biden’s attorneys.

The letters come as House Republicans opened an investigation into President Joe Biden and his family Wednesday.

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