‘Unbelievable’: Ashleigh Banfield, ex-friend of Kevin Spacey

Dan Abrams Live

(NewsNation) — Actor Kevin Spacey was found not liable in a sexual assault civil case. This marks the third case against Spacey that has either fallen apart, been dropped or that he won.

NewsNations Dan Abrams asks whether Spacey could make a comeback. Ashleigh Banfield, who has covered hundreds of high-profile cases, says it was a good day for Spacey, but she doesn’t believe he can “overcome any of this.”

“I counted, I think, about seven or eight anonymous accusers who may not have had a case go forward because they were just too afraid to come out in the open,” Banfield said Thursday on “Dan Abrams Live.” “It doesn’t mean that their stories aren’t out there. It’s a little like Bill Cosby. There were 100 accusers. Not everybody went to court, but it certainly had a massive effect.”

Banfield also revealed she used to be good friends with Spacey, but they haven’t spoken in years.

“It’s still unbelievable to hear the accounts of so many accusers who came forward after 2017. And frankly, I’m not surprised that he doesn’t speak to me anymore. I’ve tried to reach out several times to interview him, but he doesn’t respond. I think he may not have the same contact information anymore. But I haven’t had any conversation with him since before Trump was president,” Banfield added.

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