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DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (NewsNation Now) — A police chase in Florida turned into a water rescue after a suspect jumped into a river while trying to get away.

The incident, which was captured on body camera footage, began when a Daytona Beach police officer, who is also part of the U.S. marshals task force, found a man wanted on federal warrants for violating probation on an armed robbery charge.

The officer and Volusia County Sheriff’s Deputy Rodney Wells tried to pin in the suspect’s car, but the man, identified as Edward Sotelo, rammed both vehicles and drove off into a mobile home park.

“Fortunately, nobody was killed during this chase,” Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood said on “Dan Abrams Live.” “I mean, this guy, when you look at that full body camera footage, he was crashing into police cars, he was hell bent on getting away.”

When deputies and police closed in on Sotelo, he jumped into a nearby river.

“That’s just sheer desperation, a last resort attempt, you know, to elude us,” Wells told Abrams.

A boater was able to help Wells and other deputies by taking them to where Sotelo was floating.

Wells worked to persuade Sotelo to turn himself in, even offering him a cigarette.

“If a cigarette puts this to end, that’s going to be the best cigarette I’ve ever spent,” Wells said in the body camera footage.

After more than 15 minutes in the water, Sotelo finally climbed aboard a U.S. Coast Guard boat and was taken into custody.

“I was impressed that he could tread water for 15 minutes, but you know, here in Florida we have things that go chomp when you get into water and he’s pretty lucky,” Chitwood said.

Abrams, whose news show premiered on NewsNation Now last month, said he will regularly highlight police work and some of the incredible — and dangerous — situations officers deal with every day.

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