Watch: Police confront active shooter at Nashville business

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NASHVILLE (NewsNation Now) — Terrifying moments caught on body camera footage show Nashville officers confronting a man who had shot three people.

“Do not move,” an officer can be heard yelling in the video. “Drop the weapon. Drop the weapon. Drop it now!”

Metro Nashville police say the suspect, Antonio King, shot and injured three employees at a Smile Direct Club warehouse in August. He had started working there in June.

Video from outside the warehouse early that morning shows him firing a semi-automatic pistol with an extended magazine.

A 911 caller can be heard trying to get his coworkers to safety.

“We’ve got an active shooter,” the caller said. “He still on the premises.”

Police caught up with the suspect as he was walking down a sidewalk.

“When the officers encounter the suspect, they know just from the call information that came in that this guy is obviously a threat,” Retired Tulsa police Lt. Sean “Sticks” Larkin said on Dan Abrams Live. “He has shown that he’s going to try to inflict violence.”

King raised his gun as officers moved in. Two officers opened fire. One had been on the job for a year and other graduated from the academy just three months before.

“On the graveyard shift, the overnight shift, you usually have very young officers that work it,” Larkin said.

King apparently continued to resist after being shot. Police gave him first aid, but he was pronounced dead at a hospital.

“They’re faced with a very, very dangerous situation,” Larkin said. The officers were not hurt.

Larkin also gave kudos to the 911 caller, who provided detailed information about the suspect.

“In this day and age, everybody likes to pull their phone out and record what’s going on rather than calling us,” Larkin said.

Abrams, whose news show premiered on NewsNation Now last month, said he will regularly highlight police work and some of the incredible — and dangerous — situations officers deal with every day.

NewsNation affiliate WKRN contributed to this report.

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