Will Live PD come back? Dan Abrams feels good about chances

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(NewsNation Now) — On a special episode of “Dan Abrams Live,” several memorable officers from “Live PD” stopped by to reminisce about the show, share what they’re up to and answer fan questions.

The biggest fan question? When is the show coming back?

“There are a lot of conversations going on about bringing the show back, and I still feel very good about its chances in the near term,” Abrams said toward the end of the reunion episode, which you can watch in its entirety at the bottom of this page.

Abrams had previously promised the show, or something like it, would come back in 2021. It’s been canceled since June 2020 when A&E decided to pull the plug on the show during growing criticism of police departments after George Floyd’s murder.

But Abrams and other associated with the show insist providing a window into the routine uncertainties police officers face could help the public understand what they do and why they do it.

“What better show than something like ‘Live PD’ to come back and see the police profession day in and day out?” said former Tulsa Officer Sean “Sticks” Larkin, who is on “Dan Abrams Live” frequently to break down police bodycam video.

Several networks have reached out to discuss bringing “Live PD” back, Abrams said, which gives him confidence about the possibilities in 2022 and beyond.

“I don’t own ‘Live PD,'” Abrams said. “I didn’t produce it. I was a producer, but not the production company. But, I’m feeling good about where we are, and every one of the conversations includes you. All of your passion as part of the ‘Live PD’ nation is always part of the conversation.”

Here was Dan’s full message to fans.

I know that many of you are here for the update on live pd so here it is. At the beginning of this year I said on twitter that I felt confident that live pd (or something like it) would be back in 2021. I recognize that provided concrete hope for those of you who have been eagerly awaiting the show’s return.

No one was more disappointed or frustrated when Live PD was taken off the air than me and I desperately want to see the show, or something just like it, return. With policing so often dominating the headlines, I believe showing a national audience the more day-to-day aspects of what it’s like to be a police officer in America is more important than ever. And that is why I do it on this show on NewsNation every day, showcasing bodycam footage of officers in harrowing situations.

I am sorry to say that it turns out I was wrong about 2021, but I want to be really clear it was not just wishful thinking. I have been approached by numerous networks to discuss doing a Live PD type show with many of the same departments. So, I was confident something would come through. So, maybe I have lost some credibility here based on my 2021 prediction, but there are a lot of conversations going on about bringing the show back, and I feel very good about its chances in the near term.

Now, I don’t own Live PD. I didn’t produce it; I was a producer but not the production company. But, I’m feeling good about where we are, and every one of the conversations includes you. All of your passion as part of the Live PD nation is always part of the conversation. I know how committed all of you are to the community and to having the show come back.

So please allow me to get personal with you for a moment. Before Live PD, I had been on the air in pretty high profile roles as a national news anchor and correspondent for over 20 years, but nothing in my professional career has compared to being a part of Live PD. We became a family. Those of us on the set, the producers, the crews both in-studio and those who were out there with the officers, and of course, most importantly, all of you.

Together you — we — had something truly special that I had never had in my professional life. I want it back. So rest assured, I will continue to fight the fight as best I can. In the meantime, Sticks will continue to analyze police bodycam footage for me here on this show on NewsNation and I hope you join us here.

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On Thursday’s reunion show, former Washington, D.C., Special Police Officer Tom Morris Jr., Richland County, South Carolina deputies Garo Brown, Danny Brown and Addy Perez, Ret. Warwick, Rhode Island Officer Jill Marshall, former El Paso Officer Andrea Zendejas, and former Tulsa Lt. Sean “Sticks” Larkin all joined the reunion special.

Zendejas stopped by the show to share how her new venture on OnlyFans is going. What began as a hobby modeling plus-size lingerie is now a new career. She said she had some “guilt” for leaving her department, but overall she’s “enjoying life. I’m doing what I want to do, finally.”

Plus, Dan and “Sticks” break down a scary scene in Florida where two police K-9 officers were shot, but survived — one of them continuing to attack the suspect despite his injuries.

You can watch the full reunion in the player below.

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