25 films inducted into Library of Congress National Film Registry


(NewsNationNow) — From the 1913 silent flick “Suspense” to the story of Chinese women immigrating to the U.S. in the movie “Joy Luck Club,” the Library of Congress announced a diverse lineup of films they’re inducting into the National Film Registry.

The films selected this year highlight the significant impact they’ve had on American culture throughout history.

“The Dark Knight,” “Grease,” and “The Blues Brothers,” are also among the 25 movies tapped for preservation this year.

Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden said diversity was a major factor this year.

“There was a special emphasis on making sure diverse voices were heard and that includes the record number of films in this year selection,” Hayden explained.

The registry also includes the 1963 film “Lilies of the Field,” which was released a year before the Civil Rights Act was passed and featured actor Sidney Poitier.

“He was the first African American male to win in the Best Actor category Oscar award,” Hayden said. “He’s the oldest Oscar award winner of any category right now and it shows that he had such power.”

Other movies including “Shrek” were popular among all groups that gave their input on which movies should be on the registry.

“It’s more than just a feel-good film, which it is, and something that is such a highlight in animation, you know that there is something special,” Hayden said.

In 32 years, the Library of Congress has selected more than 700 films for the National Registry.

If you’d like to submit recommendations for movies to be included on the 2021 National Film Registry, click here. To see the full list of movies, click here. Recommendations will be accepted through September 15, 2021.

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