Angelina Jolie’s company sues Brad Pitt for $250M

(NewsNation) — In February, Brad Pitt filed a suit against ex-wife Angelina Jolie for selling her stake in the French vineyard they bought together.

Now, Jolie’s company is countersuing, saying Pitt is acting in retaliation for Jolie’s divorce filing. The former couple bought the 1,300-acre estate in in 2008.

They were married on the property six years later, and co-owned Château Miraval. The stars separated in 2016, and in February 2022, Pitt sued Jolie over the property.

The battle is over, and Jolie is selling her portion of the property — without Pitt’s approval. In the civil complaint, Pitt claims the two had previously agreed not to sell their shares without getting approval from the other to do so.

His team also says that by selling her stakes to the Russian-owned Stoli Group, Jolie jeopardized the company’s reputation.

Nouvel, Jolie’s former investment company for the winery, is claiming in a cross-suit that Pitt tried to get control of the winery as “a vindictive war” in revenge for their split.

The countersuit also claims Jolie tried to sell the shares to Pitt but that he wanted her to sign a “hush clause” regarding the events that led to the breakdown of their marriage.

The new court documents also hit back at the claims Stoli Group’s owner has ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, stating “Shefler and Stoli have repeatedly and publicly denounced the Putin regime and its reprehensible invasion of Ukraine. Putin’s people once even tried to kidnap Shefler.”

These allegations come several weeks after a sealed FBI report showed the agency investigated Pitt for his alleged behavior on the couple’s plane. No charges were filed.

While Jolie and Pitt were deemed legally single in 2018, their custody battles continue to this day.


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