Celebrating 25 years of ‘Casino’: A look back at the iconic Las Vegas flick


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A movie that most Las Vegans know by heart is celebrating its 25th anniversary.  

“Casino” gives us all a look back into the city’s gritty and glamorous history, and Thursday night, some of the film’s key players looked back on their experience. 

Part of NewsNation affiliate KLAS’ property acted as a set for some iconic scenes. It’s just one of the many ordinary spots around the city that helped bring the film to life. 

It’s been 25 years since Casino first hit the silver screen, and its reverence still holds true here.   

“I’ve always thought of it as a love letter, and I love Las Vegas,” said screenwriter Nick Pileggi.  

“It was a time of glamour and glitz and promise and opportunity, and also a lot of heartache and violence,” said Geoff Schumacher, vice president of exhibits and programs.  

To celebrate the classic’s anniversary, screenwriter Nick Pileggi and former Las Vegas Mayor and attorney Oscar Goodman led a special event on Thursday to share the part they played in this well-known masterpiece. 

Goodman didn’t just live through the era, he also portrayed himself in some pretty iconic scenes.  

“I’ve been a lawyer here for 35 years and the mayor for 12 years, and I go to the airport and people go ‘Oh, there’s the guy from Casino!’” Goodman said. 

The creators also reminisced on the ways news stations like KLAS helped writers bring local history to life.  

“The scene in the gaming commission hearing was taken from the news footage that was taken from Channel 8 at the time, so that was very important to creating an authenticity in this movie,” said Schumacher.  

As we all look back on these pivotal moments, these men say they will always remember.  

“That fills history books today, but it was happening here on a daily basis,” Goodman said. 

The Mob Museum, where Thursday night’s event was held, has an exhibit with memorabilia from the classic movie Casino, with signed scripts and photos of Las Vegas back then. 

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