German climate activists glue themselves to dinosaur display

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Two climate activists carrying a banner “What if the government can’t handle it?” have stuck themselves to the handrails of a dinosaur at Berlin’s Museum of Natural History in Berlin, Germany, Sunday, Oct. 30, 2022. Commenting on the action, the “Last Generation” protest group said, “Just as the dinosaurs did back then, we are threatened with climate changes that we will not be able to withstand. If we don’t want to face extinction, we must act now.” (Paul Zinken/dpa via AP)

BERLIN (AP) — Two environmental activists glued themselves to a dinosaur display at Berlin’s Natural History Museum on Sunday to protest what they said was the German government’s failure to properly address the threat of climate change.

The women used superglue to attach themselves to poles holding up the skeleton of a large four-legged dinosaur that lived tens of millions of years ago.

“Unlike the dinosaurs, we hold our fate in our own hands,” protester Caris Connell, 34, said as museum visitors milled around the display. “Do we want to go extinct like the dinosaurs, or do we want to survive?”

Fellow activist Solvig Schinkoethe, 42, said that as a mother of four she feared the consequences of the climate crisis.

“This peaceful resistance is the means we have chosen to protect our children from the government’s deadly ignorance,” she said.

The museum didn’t immediately comment on the protest.

The activists were part of the group Uprising of the Last Generation, which has staged numerous demonstrations in recent months, including blocking streets and throwing mashed potatoes at a Claude Monet painting.


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