Chick-fil-A plans second attempt at UK launch

  • Chick-fil-A previously attempted a pop-up restaurant in 2019
  • LGBTQ groups have protested over the owner's support of anti-gay causes
  • The first restaurants are set to open in 2025

Chick-fil-A announced earlier in May that when customers place a curbside or carryout order under the new feature, the restaurant will be alerted when a customer is close so staff can start preparing the food. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

(NewsNation) — Southern fast-food chain Chick-fil-A is planning a second attempt at launching stores in the United Kingdom, with plans to have the first stores open in 2025.

Known for its chicken sandwiches, the chain has faced protests from LGBTQ activists after owner Dan Cathy donated to anti-LGBTQ groups. The chain is influenced by Cathy’s Christian values, closing on Sundays for religious reasons.

While Cathy pledged to stop donating to anti-LGBTQ groups, he reportedly donated to the National Christian Charitable Foundation in 2021, an organization that has connections with anti-LGBTQ efforts.

Chick-fil-A first attempted to launch in the UK with a pop-up store in 2019, but the experiment ended after protests from LGBTQ groups

It’s not clear how the chain’s Christian values will go over in the UK, where only 28% of people believe in any sort of god or spiritual power and 77% of people say same-sex relationships are as valid as heterosexual ones.


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