Gerard Butler talks stunt work on new movie ‘Plane’


(NewsNation) — Actor Gerard Butler is no stranger to performing his own daring stunts in movies.

His latest thriller, “Plane,” which came out on Friday, is no exception. Speaking to “Morning in America,” Butler talked about an incident where he accidentally put phosphoric acid in his face.

“There’s a scene towards the end of the movie, and I’m trying to fix the brakes on the wheel of the plane — and those wheels are huge,” Butler said. He would “plunge his hands in there,” and end up cutting them, so they were covered in blood.

Then, Butler noticed his hands were also covered in green fluid. Butler said he had “no idea what it was” at the time.

“I’m wiping myself because I’m sweating so much. My nose is running, wiping my nose,” he said.

Three minutes later, Butler started feeling a burning feeling all the way up his nose.

“It felt like it was in my brain, in my eyes, all over my face, in my mouth and my throat,” Butler said. “I thought my throat was going to swell up.”

Some on set tried to put water on Butler — but the pilots said not to do that.

“It’s hydraulic fluid — you have to just wipe it,” Butler said. For the next six hours, Butler said, he felt like his face and throat were on fire.

“I’m getting too old to keep doing the stunts,” he joked.

To learn more about being a pilot, Butler spent as much time as he could in a simulator, learning what an aircraft is all about.

“It was insane,” Butler said. “It was like a roller coaster ride, which really adds, I think, to the believability of what we’re all going through.”

“Plane,” a Lionsgate release, is rated R by the Motion Picture Association for violence and language.

During his appearance on “Morning in America,” Butler also talked about his friend, Jeremy Renner, who had to undergo survey at a Reno, Nevada hospital after suffering blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries in a Nevada snow plow accident over New Year’s weekend.

After the accident, Butler texted Renner to see how he was doing.

“There’s nobody like him,” Butler said. “To go through that situation and then for him still to have a smile on his face, still to be responding to fans.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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