Iconic ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ viral video sold as NFT for $760,000


(NewsNation Now) — One of YouTube’s most popular videos is set to leave the site after being sold as a digital property.

Who can forget “Charlie Bit My Finger?” It was one of YouTube’s earliest viral videos, racking up more than 884 million views to date.

The family behind the video decided to capitalize on its tremendous popularity by auctioning it off as a nonfungible token or NFT, which essentially converts it into a unique, collectible piece of digital art that can be bought and re-sold. 

To make the auction even more enticing, the family said they would delete the original video so whoever purchases the NFT will get the “only” copy.

A bidder named 3fmusic, which has been purchasing many high-profile NFTs, scored the “Charlie Bit My Finger” NFT for $760,999 when the auction ended on Sunday.

That winner will also get to record a new version with the brothers, who are now 15 and 17 years old.

At last check, you can still find the original online.

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