Kirk Cameron: 50 libraries denied story time for new book


(NewsNation) — Actor Kirk Cameron says he’s unable to read his new Christian-based kid’s book at libraries, turning him away to host similar story hour events for drag queens.

Cameron says 50 libraries have passed on his book’s story-time because it teaches about God, celebrating faith, family and biblical wisdom. The actor says libraries are denying or not responding to his request to appear at public reading events for kids.     

According to the book’s publisher, Brave Books, ‘”As you Grow”‘ follows the life of a tree starting from an acorn while teaching biblical truths along the way.

In this latest debate, Cameron called out libraries for what he says is a double standard for refusing his appearance request while hosting so-called drag queen story hours.

In a recent interview, Cameron said: “Hundreds of parents and librarians are now emailing us saying they want your book. And we want to host our own Brave Book story hour in our public library.”

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